Who We Serve

The Member

With our prospective-delivered approach to onboarding, the member becomes the participant. This is the first and most important step in the learning process so that the member can be enabled to participate in and help guide his or her own health care. It’s not simply a matter of encouraging personal responsibility for making health and financial decisions or becoming more actively involved in choices based on personal preferences, options, or values. More fundamentally, the use of education paired with information via the Harmony process gives each participant an increasingly distinct and unique health care transition. By being Harmonized at the beginning of this transition, we provide members both the information and the clarity to become collaborators in their journey.

The Provider

Very few examples in traditional medicine exist that use prospective integrated information powered by the ability to assimilate all variables during the transition to drive health care acceleration. Harmony aims to reduce the inefficiency of the new patient process and as such drive our predictive capability into the electronic medical record (EMR) so that the provider becomes fully informed on day one and can truly focus on becoming an informed medical advisor and coach.

The Plan

With the action-triggering event that happens when Americans turn 65 or enter Medicaid, health insurance providers struggle to differentiate their services, communicate efficiently, and drive engagement. Harmony seeks to reinvent the way this transition takes place. We believe prospective onboarding drives a working triangle of care that’s informed, connected, and aligned with all stakeholders. Harmonized members behave differently and as such create an aggregated, integrated, and implemented system of care. Harmony seeks to improve interactions among all to create a process that’s truly connected.